About This Word


What does OOP mean?

OOP has several meanings.

On web sites like eBay, OOP can pertain to records and books to mean out of print, implying rarity.

In the world of sneakers, OOP is taken from the basketball term alley-oop, and it means one is being set up to get some ace sneakers at a decent price.

In the world of computer programming, OOP refers to Object Oriented Programming.

In English slang, it's an utterance meaning an mistake has been made, but usually an s is added, as in oops!

See how it's used

For example

This is everything this pony has to say about #OOP in #JavaScript

@PrincessOfJS, April, 2018

when the prerecorded announcement says enjoy Mamma Mia instead of Dreamgirls #OOP

@steffyj17, May, 2018

Ceremony/A Place To Bury Strangers "split" 7" OOP NM White Lung AFI Converge

eBay Listing, May, 2018

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