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What does SJW mean?

SJW is an acronym that means social justice warrior.

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Who uses SJW?

For example

Reddit even has an entire subreddit thread called “SJW Hate,” with the tagline, “Where white privilege runs amok.”  

Kasia Kovacs, IBTimes.com, February, 2017

The topic of social justice warriors is an inflammatory one with strong opinions on both sides. Let's take an objective look at SJWs and anti-SJWs to clearly understand both sides of this issue.

Renée Lynn Midrack, LiveWire.com, March, 2018

Rather than rationally debate a person’s views, it’s easier to just write them off as an SJW and be done with it.

Samita Sarkar, Hufingtonpost.com, April, 2016

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