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What does TDH mean?

TDH is an acronym that means tall, dark, and handsome. It's mostly used jokingly.

"Tall, dark and handsome" has long been a traditional, vague description of the kind of man many women and other men seek.

Related words:

  • GSOH

For example

Person 1: I don't mind a shorter guy

Person 2: Oh, I like em TDH myself!

"Hey—I'm not planning to join a dating site," he protested. "Fair's fair," she said. "If I'm doing this, so are you. Hand over the pen and paper." He gave in. "So, TDH doctor." "TDH?" "Tall, dark and handsome." She rolled her eyes. "Come off it, Ellis. Even you must know that one."

Kate Hardy, A Promise...to a Proposal?,

Person 1: My mom said he's TDH and kind of rich, too Person 2: Oh, poor you. Sound like a horrible night ahead!

TDH, GSOH, single, open to new experiences

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