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What does TPP mean?

TPP is an acronym for the Trans Pacific Partnership trade deal, a proposed agreement between 12 Pacific Rim countries and the US. As of 2017, Trump has pulled the US out of this trade partnership. The rest of the countries in the deal have forged ahead with the trade terms under the name Comprehensive and Progressive Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP).

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Who uses TPP?

For example

The irony of this is that the dairy subsides and tariffs we (Canada) charge were addressed in #TPP but Trump being the great deal breaker pulled out.

@dw_farrell, June, 2018

The TPP would give the United States an excuse to intervene in trade disputes in the oil-rich South China Sea.

Kimberly Amadeo, TheBalance.com, April, 2018

You may have seen protesters at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia holding up signs with the letters TPP crossed out and chanting, "No TPP!"

Mareike Nieberding, Mic.com, July, 2016

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