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What does WWWY stand for?

WWWY is used on the internet to talk about Adele's 2016 song "When We Were Young." It is also used for other songs that bear the same name.

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Who uses WWWY?

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For example

I really want to know what Adele’s concept was for the WWWY music video even though it didn’t work out

@AdeleUnion, March, 2018

Took a break from listening to @DILLONFRANCIS’ WWWY to listen to the Spice World soundtrack. Worth it right

@reeginaeve, August, 2014

When vocal stans say this they are talking about technique. Technically Demi sings better than Adele, and her cover of WWWY was better than Adele’s original. You sound pressed.

@blackgirlicon, February, 2018

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