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  1. Cracking the Christmas Carol Code

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    Offbeat Literary Genres To Get Lost In

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    Holy $#!%: Where Did The Symbolic Swear Come From?

    Why is @#$%&! naughty? When the force of a swear word is too extreme (but some form of cuss must be used) symbolic stand-ins have long been used for lewdness. Suffice it to say, any emotional keyboard-striker can blurt out something that people perceive as a sub for swears. Whether it’s to diminish the force of swear, to get around censorship rules, or maybe just because symbols are @#$%ing cool …


    Fah Who Foraze: The Magical Language Of Dr. Seuss

  5. BLURGH! You Fracking Smeghead!

  6. Clickbait Isn’t New

    Clickbait existed before clicking did “When you find out what these kids are jumping into, your jaw will drop!” “Baby ducks see water for the first time—can you BELIEVE what they do?” Confronted with such emotionally charged lines, it’s almost impossible not to click. Do the tykes tumble into a vat of chocolate syrup? Are ducklings reaching for toothpaste to brush their beaks? Can you …

  7. Wild Dance Idioms That Will Get You Moving

  8. Are You a Master of the Arts? (A Quiz of Skill)

    What should you get your master’s in? MAs, MFAs, and MBAs don’t stand a chance against these obscure arts and sciences. Ace this quiz, and you’ve got an official Master’s in Madcap. If the quiz doesn’t display, please try opening in the Chrome browser.

  9. 8 Absurd Sayings Invented by “Family Guy” Characters

  10. “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” in the Dictionary

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