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  1. 10 Modern Words That Shouldn’t Exist Anymore

  2. Real Fans Only: The Meaning Behind Obsessive Fandom

    Whether you’re a Deadhead, Belieber, or a member of Raider Nation, extreme passion lies at the heart of all fans. Oodles of fan sites, message boards, Tumblr feeds, and those old-fashioned print newsletters help fans share the love. Fans use language to set themselves (as a group) apart from fans of rival teams or other artists. They create catchy nicknames and make references that may …

  3. Hilariously Inappropriate Pick-Up Lines for Book Nerds

  4. Spellbound: Magical History of Harry Potter Names

  5. Behind the Scenes: Bizarre Film Genres

  6. Words We Wouldn’t Have Without Books

  7. Words All Book Lovers Should be Using

  8. Uninspired Clichés You Should Avoid

  9. Fictional Characters, Now Real Words

    These fictional characters had such unique personalities that their names became words in the English language.

  10. Real World Words of Harry Potter

    Do you know why we non-magical folks are referred to as muggles in the world of Harry Potter?

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