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  1. The Fierce Debate Over Twitter’s 280 Characters

    We all know by now that Twitter raised their character limit to 280. Predictably, this change has inspired hilarious reactions online. Most users are downright gleeful they have a wee-bit more space to tweet. Others are upset, claiming this expansion will ruin Twitter by making it more like Facebook. A few grumpy tweeters have solemnly vowed to never compose a tweet that’s longer than the …

  2. What’s Nuclear About A Football?

    Whose nuclear launch button is bigger? There has been a serious kerfuffle in the news about buttons and their relative size. Specifically, nuclear launch buttons. Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, flatly stated that a nuclear button is on his desk at all times. “It’s not a mere threat but a reality that I have a nuclear button on the desk in my office.” …

  3. Trending Words This Week

    December 28th–January 3rd

  4. getty

    Fantastic Festivities Around the World

  5. getty’s Unusual New Year’s Resolutions

  6. What Is Groundhog Day?

    What is Groundhog Day? February 2 marks Groundhog Day. While the frost is still thick on the ground in some places of the country, spring may be on the way. Despite all of the fantastic scientific methods man uses to forecast the weather, Groundhog Day always comes down to a chunky little rodent named Punxsutawney Phil, supposedly named after King Phillip. In a small Pennsylvania town …

  7. Trending Words This Week

    Trending words for the week of December 22–27.

  8. What is the “War on Christmas”?

    What is the “War on Christmas”? Christmastime. A festive season for family, food, and warfare? Perhaps, you’re familiar with the “War on Christmas” that’s been raging over the last several years. It stems from the radical belief that multiculturalism is shadowing traditional American values. The provocative phrase has been linked to figures like President Donald Trump (remember “[People] don’t use the word Christmas . . …

  9.’s Night Before Christmas

    ‘Twas the night before Christmas at . . . Not a laptop was stirring . . . just some RAM and some ROM New words have been logged by our lexicographers with care They will post them online in the new year to share The writers were sleeping with tablets on their right In case new inspiration should arrive in the night When out in our lobby …

  10. Trending Words This Week

    December 15–21

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