Ways to Say

  1. 9 Different Ways To Say Stupid

  2. Them’s Fighting Words!

    Instead of scrambling for lightweight words in your next duomachy, throw off your opponent with these...enigmatical vocables.

  3. 10 Ways To Say You’re Sorry

    You may have been friends with someone for years, but it only takes a second to damage that friendship with the wrong word or two. Now that you’ve made the mess, it’s time to clean it up with a well chosen apology. There are different ways to say you’re sorry, of course. Let’s examine the words and a few of the situations they’re most suited …

  4. 10 Different Ways To Say You’re Speechless

    We’ve all been there. You’re on a roll with some spontaneous train of thought, then the train gets derailed. “After London, we left for Paris and were held up at Heathrow because of a problem with the plane’s … er, uh…oh, what was that thingy—?” Your hard drive brain freezes, and it’s not because of a milk shake. The right word simply escapes you; your …

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  6. 10 Different Ways To Say You’re Speechless

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