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  1. Decoding Your Last Yoga Class

  2. Why Does A Cow Become Beef?

    Have you ever stopped to wonder why we eat pork and beef, but not pig or cow? Menus don’t advertise sheep or deer, but mutton and venison. And, we nonchalantly nosh on veal without the linguistic reminder that we’re actually eating meat from a baby calf. When it comes to designating meat terminology, the English language has a few ways of distinguishing between the live …

  3. Dictionary.com’s Ideas For Olympic Events

  4. pinterest.com/pin/707909635146971625/.gif

    Spice Up Your Sexy Language

  5. CA Hunter

    This American Children’s Rhyme Isn’t So American After All . . .

    Remember eeny, meeny, miney, moe? A group of kids get together to play a game of Tag. Or, maybe they’re in the middle of a kickball game and the ball’s flown over into nasty Mr. Hunchguts’ yard. In both scenarios, who is it? Which of the rosy-faced children will be designated the chaser in Tag, or the (gulp) fetcher of the kickball from haunted Hunchguts’ …

  6. Fun With Flags

  7. Nutritional vs. Healthy

    You’ll often see these two words in the same paragraph or even the same sentence, and at first glance, it seems natural that healthy and nutritional would go hand-in-hand. But, a closer examination reveals the true scope of each word, and a better understanding may help you make better food choices. (No judgment. Some of us are still holding on to our love of a certain breakfast cereal …

  8. The Strangest Winter Olympic Events

  9. Sports Idioms That Will Explain Everything

  10. lifewithcats.tv

    The Ultimate Cat Lady Dictionary

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