1. Swapping One Word Could Create Happiness

    Maybe the key to happiness isn’t having it all … but wanting it all. Staying happy while managing all of life’s responsibilities is hard. Sometimes, we feel like we have to do so much in order to keep our families and ourselves going. But, what if we swapped have to with want to. Would we feel differently? Could we become happier?

  2. Sepulcher: Visual Word of the Day

    The linguistic roots of sepulcher have to do with honoring and sorrow, which speak to our emotions around death. Today, we use sepulcher to mean a tomb or grave. But, more than just the burial place itself, the word is still imbued with all of its past meanings of sorrow, honor, worship, and tending to the dead.

  3. Do You Know The Real Names Of These Doohickeys?

    Play along . . . and guess the definition of these “thingys” before they’re revealed. Ready? Set? Go! You’ll never guess that these everyday things have actual, dictionary-defined, names.

  4. Kismet: Visual Word of the Day

    How do you know when something is meant to be? Sometimes, it’s just fate . . . it’s kismet.

  5. Deracinate: Visual Word of the Day

    The word deracinate can be used in a few different ways. Deracinate typically is seen in a negative light because to be grounded is to be stable and to be de-rooted is scary. But, sometimes, this word can be turned into a positive experience.

  6. Pullulate: Visual Word of the Day

    If you stop and smell the roses, then your awareness of the things around you could pullulate.

  7. Bunglesome: Visual Word of the Day

    Why is it so satisfying to watch other people screw up? It does seem universally funny to see other people acting bunglesome . . . that is until it happens to you.

  8. Busticate: Visual Word of the Day

    Busticate means exactly what it sounds like . . . Every once in a while, English is made simple. You have to love a word that means exactly what you think.

  9. Demonym: Visual Word of the Day

    How many demonyms define you? Californian? Canadian? Atmospherean? The possibilities are endless . . .

  10. Ergophobia: Visual Word of the Day

    Do you suffer from ergophobia? If you think the Post-it monster is real, then your worst nightmare is probably the workplace. A new job might not solve your underlying problem…

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