1. Preta: Visual Word of the Day

    As long as there has been life, we’ve thought about death.

  2. How to Woo a Word Lover: Pick Up Lines From the Dictionary

    There isn’t a word in the dictionary for how good you look…

  3. Perlocutionary: Visual Word of the Day

    Learn more about this Word of the Day here.

  4. Common Words with Uncommon Opposites | Video

    Like mismatched socks… As we all know every lone sock has a long-lost twin, some words we use every day also have pairs that we just forgot about. Here are some of the English language’s best uncommon opposites. Do you want to learn more? Find out the details on these forgotten pairs.

  5. Compliment vs. Complement | Video

    What’s the difference between compliment and complement? We asked video students from Cal Poly to help us visualize the difference between these homophones. Here’s Alex McCraken’s take on what makes these two words so different. Craving more about this weird word pair? You can read more about it here.

  6. Moribund: Visual Word of the Day

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  7. Attention, Word Offenders: Avoid These Words

    Are you guilty of using these crutch words? Never fear: So are we! See more words to remove from your speech here.

  8. miss mrs ms

    A Paroxysm of Laughter

     They say laughter’s contagious… Have you ever burst out laughing for no reason? Or caught your friend’s laughter without knowing why? That is an example of paroxysm. Although it can come in many forms (not all positive, such as a paroxysm of rage), we chose to highlight how infectious this type of joy can be.

  9. Deadpan: From American Slang to Comedic Style

    Deadpan. It’s not just for people who suffer from bitchy resting face. Deadpan is often used in comedy to make viewers feel uncomfortable, or to add contrast to an otherwise slapstick set. This term is an Americanism from the 1920s, when it started being used as slang for the face itself.

  10. Deciduous: Visual Word of the Day

    Pine and fir trees kept their green while their deciduous brothers were a riot of color. — Crickett Starr, Violet Among the Roses Learn more about this Word of the Day here.