1. Athleisure Explained

    Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? Athleisure is one of many new words recently added to Simply put, athleisure is a style of clothing that’s worn as athletic apparel but is also suitable for casual, everyday wear. If this description means absolutely nothing to you, you’re not alone! The word is a recent addition to the English language, and one that even we needed …

  2. Let’s Talk About Bitchface

    Wait, what? Bitchface? Yes, bitchface is a word. Some people may find that offensive (why do we swear, anyway?), but it’s also interesting that the word describes a reality that often causes offense—unintentionally! Also called resting bitchface (that’s RBF, of course), bitchy resting face, or chronic bitchface, bitchface most often refers to a facial expression that doesn’t consciously express a particular emotion, but that others …

  3. He’s Been Ghosted. Have You?

    Or are you the one doing the ghosting? This video short by film student Ally Evans of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo should help clear things up. If this is all news to you, read more about the history of ghosting. Check out some of our other videos /center>

  4. Pore Over or Pour Over

    We asked some Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students to give us their take on the difference between the words pore and pour. This short is the result of film student Marion Beachum’s creativity. Want a more detailed explanation? Check out this article on pour over vs. pore over. Check out some of our other videos

  5. The Lumbersexual Look Defined

    According to, a “lumbersexual” is a man whose style of dress and appearance is reminiscent of the ruggedly masculine stereotype of the lumberjack, as in wearing plaid shirts and having a beard. To help us bring the definition to life, we asked Cal Poly San Luis Obispo students for their take on our definition of lumbersexual. This video short is the result of Roslyn …