About This Word

💵- banknote with dollar sign emoji

or banknote with dollar sign emoji or dollar emoji

[bangk-noht with dol-er sahyn


What does 💵 mean?

Making it rain, emoji-style. The banknote with dollar sign emoji is most often used in direct references to money, especially ridiculous and showy wads of cash.

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Where does 💵- banknote with dollar sign emoji come from?

The banknote with dollar sign emoji was approved under Unicode 6.0 in 2010. While officially called banknote with dollar sign by the Unicode Standard, the emoji popularly goes by dollar banknote(s) or just dollar emoji.

Most platforms depict a bundle of cash in various shades of green. Apple's shows a bound stack of $1 notes while WhatsApp's looks like $10 notes. Other platforms like Google or Samsung display a generic dollar sign, $.

Given the global strength and power of the US dollar, the banknote with dollar sign emoji is popular around the world, even in countries that use different currencies.

Who uses 💵- banknote with dollar sign emoji ?

In texts and on social media, it's common to see the banknote with dollar sign emoji used in place of the word money or dollar or other money slang terms, including cash or dough.

The banknote with dollar sign emoji is also used for a wide range of monetary concepts, like earning, saving, investing, or financing.

As stacks and wads of cash have also been associated with conspicuous wealth, the banknote with dollar sign emoji gets used to convey luxury and material success, too.

For example

It’s a bag year!! Believe dat 💯🏀🗣🙏🏾💵🌎

@ochooper_22, May, 2018

How student loan debt affected how we dealt with money in 2017 💵

Study International (headline), December, 2017

Put your 💵 where your 👄 is, @mikethemiz! Per #SDLive General Manager @RealPaigeWWE, #TheALister vs. @WWEBigE, RIGHT NOW!

@WWE, May, 2018

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