About This Word

๐Ÿค  - face with cowboy hat emoji

or face with cowboy hat emoji

[feys with kou-boi hat ih-moj-jee]

What does ๐Ÿค ย mean?

For all things country, from ranch life and country music to cowboy boots and Texas football ... Texas forever y'allโ€”we have theย face with cowboy hatย emoji.

More playfully, it can suggest someone is having a root-tootin' good time or feels empowered, like a new sheriff in town.

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See how it's used

Where does ๐Ÿค  - face with cowboy hat emoji come from?

The face with cowboy hat emoji was approved in 2016 under the Unicode 9.0 along with some other emoji characters, includingย clown faceย ๐Ÿคกย and princeย ๐Ÿคด.

All platforms show this guy with a big goofy grin and a brown cowboy hat. There are a few differences between the platforms, mainly in just how toothy its smile is. Consistent with their other smileys, Apple, Samsung, and WhatsApp display teeth, while Google, Twitter, and Facebook show a closed-mouth smile, as the screenshot from Emojipedia shows below.

Bear in mind that older devices may not support the emoji without an update, so theย face with cowboy hat emoji displays as an empty box ... womp womp.

Who uses ๐Ÿค  - face with cowboy hat emoji ?

In texts and online, theย face with cowboy hat emoji is often used to identify American "country," ranging from cowboy boot fashion and being Texas proud to twanging along to some honky-tonk and trying to, well, sound American.

Everything's bigger in Texas, as they say, including use of theย face with cowboy hat emoji, especially for Texas football.

A real cowboy gets around on horseback. So does the face with cowboy hat emoji.

A real cowboy also dons his signature hat, and so the face with cowboy hat emoji sometimes just signifies any ole hat.

One special application of theย face with cowboy hat emoji is the Howdy, I'm the Sheriffย meme. In this meme, users create a Wild West sheriff out of emoji whose head is the face with cowboy hatย and whose body is whatever emoji you want. The meme is done either for humor or commentary.

Finally and more figuratively, the face with cowboy hat emoji can express a kind of giddy-up glee, like a cowboy saddling up, or can-do confidence, like a sheriff in charge.

For example


@lazyboneskuehn, December, 2016

they always say yee haw they never ask haw yee ๐Ÿค ๐Ÿ˜”

@tmariasell, June, 2018

Got to hear @ScottyMcCreery for the second month in a row here in Charlotte, & this time my daughter got to come along, and once again he didn't disappoint!! LOVE hearing you sing the old songs along with your music!! ๐ŸŽถ๐Ÿค ๐ŸŽถ

@yankeemegg, December, 2017

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