CelebrATE Your Summer!


No doubt about it, the sweltering days of summer make us sweat! When the heat index is soaring, all we want to do is chill wherever there’s AC.

But let’s face it. “AC” might as well stand for “Artificial Cool” — part of what makes summer so special are those days when we brave the heat for some “real” cool activities.

We’re celebrating the best –ate words to inspire you into summer action (and possibly make your subconscious a little hungry). From floating high in the sky at an amusement park, to catching fireflies in the grass below, these words will motivate you to go all out for summer!

Cultivate & Create

Summer is the perfect time to get fruits and veggies growing—and creative juices flowing!

Cultivate. Forget about green thumbs (literally, nobody has them), and get out in your gardens. Beans, corn, cucumbers, melons, peppers, tomatoes…they all LOVE the heat, and with good care and water, the deliciousness in your mouth will convince you to love it, too.

Create. Grab your chalk and throw a chalk block party with your neighbors. And clean-up is a total breeze. Just hose everything down—including yourselves!


Ah, the feeling of zero gravity as you plunge from the top of a roller coaster or water slide! Matchless. Summer gets fun real fast when you’re elevated above everything around you. Hot air balloons are great for that, too—but stick to roller coasters if you want a free fall!

And, hey, don’t forget that all this summer fun you’re having with friends and fam is the best way to elevate everyone’s mood into the stratosphere.


We definitely won’t fault you for loving a lazy summer day. So, after chalking up the sidewalk or lifting-off on the Cosmic Coaster, it’s high time to estivate—the best word for an activity in which you do absolutely nothing in the summer.

You’ll be joining turtles, salamanders, frogs, and ladybugs. These cute critters all estivate during the warm months so they can be more energetic and alert later. That’s what we want, too...so we can run around the water park again.


No, we don’t want to sound like a parent, but it really is important to hydrate every way you can in the heat. Remember, you need energy to belly down the slide again...and again.

Summer lovers are finding fresh ways to gulp down the H20. Here are some tricks we love:

-Freeze berries, cantaloupe, or watermelon chunks and use them in place of ice cubes.

-For an extra perk-up, cool off your drink with frozen coffee cubes.

-And kids love gooey gummy worm ice cubes; sometimes hydration can be a little more tempting when candy is involved.


While we’re on the subject, the release of that gummy worm from his icy prison is a perfect metaphor for why we love summer: we’re fully liberated from winter’s chill. We pack away bulky sweaters, throw on shorts and sandals, and let our stifled skin breathe again.

Why not take a trip to the shore so you can wear as little as possible in public? Go bold and visit a nude beach—“Bathing suits half off and still falling!” Then you’ll feel really free.


At the same time you’re soaking up the sun, soak meats and veggies in some zesty flavor! Marinating is one of our favorite ways to enhance the flavors of food. It’s also primo preparation for anything that’s going on the grill. And we all know grilling = summertime.

Go tropical with a coconut lime marinade, or do the classic pairing of teriyaki and steak. And don’t forget your fruits. Marinated pineapple in a brown sugar rum sauce is gorgeous on the grill. Get creative!


Perfect for those estivating days. Take the time to meditate and reflect on the good things in life you appreciate. Read a good book in a hammock, on the beach, in the grass. Think about what the narrative means as you let the words wash over you. It’s time to breathe. Just breathe.


Sunshine! Slather on the sunscreen and feel the warmth of its light radiate over you.

There are so many reasons to love the sun. Moderate exposure to natural light gives our bodies the Vitamin D it needs, which supports our immune systems and fights against brain disease.

Remember AC (Artificial Cool)? Well, artificial lighting deprives us of nature’s way to make us happy. Sunny rays can help keep us from feeling depressed. So, get a little sunshine, sunshine, so you can radiate your brighter self!


It’s all about that bass (‘bout that bass)...and the guitar, sax, trombone, didgeridoo, DJ-controller beats, or whatever else you want to resonate through your speakers. Be the DJ at your own backyard Bonnaroo, or head to Chicago for the real deal: Lollapalooza in Grant Park. Easiest yet, simply roll down your windows and let the music vibrate your molecules and airwaves. Summer sounds good, doesn’t it?


It’s also the perfect time to rusticate in the great outdoors. Pitch a tent and camp out for a few days. Fish and hunt for your dinner and connect with the past as you learn what it would’ve been like for the earliest settlers and Native Americans.

Salivate & Satiate

We’ve already whet your appetite with marinades and cool refreshing drinks, but nothing makes us salivate in summertime more than a ripe watermelon. The burst of sweet juice is impossible to beat. It’s the perfect final note to satiate our tummies at a picnic in the park.

Saturate & Evaporate

Saturate in any cool body of water—be it the pool, ocean, lake, pond…or a cold shower! Then luxuriate as the water evaporates off your skin in the warm sunshine or by the breeze on your shaded porch. Total-body satisfaction.


Don’t forget those summer nights! They scintillate with twinkling stars that beg to be gazed and wished upon. Sprawl out on the cool grass and look for the constellations. Then cup your palms for luminous fireflies and imagine you’re catching falling stars.

Translocate & Ambulate

Finally, what better season of the year for travel and exploration? Translocate! Take yourself to a destination unknown and experience the vibrancy of new foods, cultures, and languages.

But you don’t have to travel thousands of miles to find the unexpected. Summer days mean friendly weather to ambulate your own neck of the woods. Take a walk today! Get in touch with the place you call home.