10 Fly 90s Words That Should Be Used Today

Hella cool

The 90s might be in the past, but that doesn’t mean the language from that decade needs to be. Sure, there are some words we don’t need to hang onto (boo-yah! and not! come to mind), but there are a few we’d like to keep around. For those days you’re feeling especially fly, here are 10 words from the 90s you can use.


The word dip is equivalent to the word leave. Instead of saying you have to go, or you need to leave wherever you are, it’s so much cooler to say you have to dip.


To get crunked is to be amped up about something. Whether you are excited about an upcoming concert or a new pair of shoes, using the word crunk to describe your enthusiasm will surely show how hyped you are.


Nowadays people say, “hi” or “what’s up?” but back in the 90s everyone was greeting friends by saying wazzzzzap. It’s a friendly word to use when you’re with someone you know well, and so much more fun to say then, “hey.”


Remember trying to explain this one to your parents? No, phat doesn’t mean fat. Literally, it means something is pretty hot (meaning, attractive) and tempting. It can be used to describe someone’s appearance, but many people use this word to describe anything that is beyond awesome. Phat shoes, by the way.


The word pimpin’ has a few different meanings. It can reference a ladies' man who has more than one female in his life, or it can be used to describe a guy’s super stylish wardrobe. Pimpin’ can also be referenced when the word cool just won’t do—of course, it can also be crazy inappropriate, so judge your company wisely.


When you’re joking about something to someone, you can use the word psyche to let them know. Instead of saying “just kidding” at the end of a joke or snarky remark, you can use psyche instead, and bring some fun back into your vocabulary.


If you want to pay a friend a compliment, you don’t have to give them props for what they did. Instead, you can give them snaps. This word means the same thing but makes you feel more like Cher from Clueless when you say it.


The word stylin’ is best used when you want to tell someone how good they look. Is their hair on point (meaning perfect, not necessarily spiked)? Or maybe they have a new outfit you adore. Either way, they’re totally stylin’ and you should be the one to tell them.


Trippin’ is a great word to describe someone who is freaking out about something. Sure, they could have a reason to be upset or mad, but they are also completely trippin’ over the situation.


Use the word wacked when you want to describe someone who is acting crazy. Did your friend steal something of yours? Did your date just check out another woman in front of you? Oh yeah, these peeps are wacked. Don't confuse this dope 90s word with wack, which means lame.