Writing Some Color Into White

Why is white so boring?

If you’ve ever described the world around you, you’ve used words to describe color. But why does writing about white call to mind so many clichés? Here are the most popular “old reliables,” which you may want to avoid. And don’t worry - we’ll make some better suggestions. If there are 50 shades of grey, we can at least get you 40 shades of white to mix in.


Describing something “as white as snow” is about the easiest way out. Plus it’s only four letters: done! Maybe not the best idea...unless what you’re describing is also wet and cold?


This might be the runner-up to “snow,” another metaphor/descriptor easily conjured from our earliest memory banks. Fluffy, fun…but you can do better.


Of course, cotton! It’s like a…cloud. On a thistle. Organics apparently rule this game.


Those Greeks and Egyptians really loved a good piece of alabaster. But if you know anything about the translucent mineral, you’ll know it may not work when you’re looking for something more…fluid.


Well, speaking of fluid…here you go. And while it does the job, it’s just a bit too easy. Or kind of gross, if you think about it too much.

Now that you know better

So here you’ve seen the solid, the fluid, the wispy and the cold. All well-worn “white” adjectives that might be a bit too worn, especially if you’re attempting to show some creative chops. Put on your artist’s smock, and create a deep palette of whites: