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or fuck boy or fuckboi

[fuhk boi]

What does fuckboy mean?

In mainstream culture, a fuckboy is a guy who doesn’t respect women, yet relies on them heavily. He’s a guy who’s distant, doesn’t care about other people’s time, and won’t commit. He’s self-absorbed and is never looking for anything serious relationship-wise. A fuckboy could also refer to a guy who is always doing stupid things and getting into trouble.



Where does fuckboy come from?

Perhaps, the earliest use of fuckboy in the mainstream was in the 2002 song “Boy Boy” by rapper Cam’ron. The song includes the lyrics “Oh this cat over front? Fuck boy, boy.” In the context of the lyrics, Cam’ron lists traits that the “boy” has and then calls him some type of boy after it. For example, “Yo, where you from dog? Harlem boy, boy.” In his song, he uses fuckboy to mean a guy who is a weak loser, who sucks, who isn’t conventionally masculine, or who “ain’t shit.”

After “Boy Boy,” more songs began to use this term. In 2004, T.I. and DJ Drama released a song called “99 Problemz (But Lil’ Flip Ain’t One) Freestyle,” which featured the word. In 2008 and 2009, two new songs called “Fuckboy” were released by Othorized F.A.M and DJ Paul, respectively. As this abridged history shows, in its early life, fuckboy was a term used almost exclusively in the hip-hop and black communities, with heavy overlap.

In late 2014, the word began to really take off. On September 14, Tumblr user rememberingsunday made a post detailing the traits of a fuckboy. These include “relies on his mom but doesn’t respect women,” and “askin’ for nudes when all u did was say hello.” Then, on September 15, the hip-hop group Run the Jewels released “Oh My Darling Don’t Cry,” which features the lyrics “That fuckboy life about to be repealed / that fuckboy shit about to be repelled.” With its new popularity, people naturally wondered what it must mean. Killer Mike, member of the duo, stated that fuckboys can be easily identified because they are “always doing fuck shit. Just the dumbest, weirdest, lamest possible shit ever...You know, the cops pull you over and ask if anyone has marijuana in the car. That one friend who says, 'Yes officer I do,' he's the fuckboy in that situation.”

By June 2015, the Tumblr post had accrued a massive 400,000 notes. Soon after, it became incorporated in a number of Tumblr memes, which furthered its spread on social media. This sense of fuckboy filled a linguistic gap that desperately needed to be filled. Here was a word to malign boys and men that did women wrong. Now, thanks to its rapid spread via the internet, the original meaning of fuckboy has changed pretty significantly. In 2017, a fuckboy is someone who doesn’t respect women, is a player who won’t commit, and is “basic” in his clothing choices and personality. Maybe he’s also a misogynist.

Who uses fuckboy?

Women who date men primarily use this word, though anyone who dates men can use it. It’s wielded as a source of dark humor in the minefield that dating and the human desire for intimacy can be. It’s so potent, prevalent, and popular because we all have encountered fuckboys in our lives. The term is a linguistic tool of commiseration. It’s a catchall that acts as a wide-casting net for a variety of men. In fact, it’s even been borrowed into other languages including Swedish.

uckboi has also been floating around online since 2014. Fuckboi (or fuccboi) is not simply a stylized version of fuckboy, although some people do use it that way. Fuckboi has a specific meaning related to fashion. He is someone who wears high-end clothing and wishes to be associated with fashion culture, without actually being a part of that culture. This is a guy who buys articles of clothing just for the logo.

The word has yet another alternative usage outside of its mainstream origin. In prison, a fuckboy is a man who is “gay for pay” or for other services.

For example

fuckboy logic: i'm not cuffing u but ur mine so u better not talk to other guys, but don't trip when i'm with girls because i'm single.

@nazri_psycho, March, 2017

pls god……don’t let him be a fuckboy

rememberingsunday, Tumblr, September, 2014

If there was a fuckboy major, I could have had my Ph.D. in high school.

Alex Browndorf, “How You Know You’re Ready to Give Up The Fuckboy Life,” Flocku, January, 2016

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