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Thursday, April 01, 2004

Definitions for puckish

  1. Whimsical; mischievous; impish.

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Citations for puckish
Superficially obnoxious, his friendly, puckish manner endeared him to those who relished the intensity of turn-of-the-century bohemian New York. William B. Scott and Peter M. Rutkoff, New York Modern
To his credit he exhibits on occasion a puckish humor. Commenting on elementary reasoning abilities of chimpanzees engaged in experiments, he says they may "be wondering whether people have the capacity for reason, and if so, why they need help from apes to solve such simple problems. Richard Restak, New York Times
Origin of puckish
Puckish comes from Puck, the name of a mischievous sprite in English folklore, from Middle English pouke, "goblin," from Old English puca.
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