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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Definitions for escutcheon

  1. a shield decorated with a coat of arms
  2. the protective metal plate around a keyhole and lock, drawer handle or pull, light switch, etc.
  3. the panel on a ship's stern bearing her name

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Citations for escutcheon
The news comes as a blow to Lafcad's older brother Andrew, the coolest head in the family, who is embarking on a campaign for state auditor and doesn't think another blot on the escutcheon will do much for his chances. Charles Isherwood, New York Times
Being drunk, disorderly and violent merits a crack on the head with a truncheon, a night in chokey and a blot on your escutcheon. Ed West, Daily Telegraph
Origin of escutcheon
by 1480, from Old North French escuchon, variant of Old French escusson, from Latin scutum "shield"
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