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a combining form extracted from panorama, diorama, or cyclorama, occurring as the final element in compounds, often nonce words used in advertising or journalism. Though the semantic content of the compound is often lent solely by the initial element, the entire formation generally denotes a display or spectacle, or the space, such as a store or hall, containing these: audiorama; scoutorama; smellorama.
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Also -ama, -arama, -rama.
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How to use -orama in a sentence

  • I had said my last good-byes, and as the Orama left port we heard of the declaration of war by Austria against Serbia.

  • Against the Dresden—a very worthy sister of the Emden—the very best we could muster was the armed merchantman, Orama.

    Stories of the Ships|Lewis R. Freeman
  • The Glasgow and Orama came up from the south-west, and presently the Kent appeared hurrying up from the south-east.

  • They seemed like the Orama of the Greeks,—prophets while phantasma.

    Zanoni|Edward Bulwer Lytton