a combining form extracted from place names ending in -ville, used in the coinage of informal nonce words, usually pejorative, that characterize a place, person, group, or situation (dullsville; disasterville; Mediaville) or that name a condition (embarrassmentville; gloomsville).

Origin of -ville

ultimately < French ville city; see bidonville
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British Dictionary definitions for -ville


n and adj combining form

slang, mainly US (denoting) a place, condition, or quality with a character as specifieddragsville; squaresville
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Word Origin and History for -ville

suffix sporadically in vogue in U.S. colloquial word formation since c.1840 (cf. dullsville, palookaville), abstracted from the -ville in place names (Louisville, Greenville, etc.), from Old French ville "town," from Latin villa (see villa).

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