[ spoo-kee ]
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adjective,spook·i·er, spook·i·est.Informal.
  1. like or befitting a spook or ghost; suggestive of spooks.

  2. eerie; scary.

  1. (especially of horses) nervous; skittish.

Origin of spooky

An Americanism dating back to 1850–55; spook + -y1

Other words from spooky

  • spook·i·ly, adverb
  • spook·i·ness, noun

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How to use spooky in a sentence

  • I don't believe there is anything spooky about that building.

    The Pony Rider Boys in Texas | Frank Gee Patchin
  • "I hate to go through the grove, it's so spooky," she said, as they hurried along.

    Tom Slade with the Colors | Percy K. Fitzhugh
  • And again the ghostly hoot of the owl made the little patch of woods seem more spooky and lonesome.

    Tom Slade with the Colors | Percy K. Fitzhugh
  • A lonely owl answered with a dismal shriek from a distant tree, making the night seem still more spooky.

    Tom Slade with the Colors | Percy K. Fitzhugh
  • Those were gnomes—the real spooky, spinky kind that give you the shivers up and down your back when they're out gnoming.

British Dictionary definitions for spooky


/ (ˈspuːkɪ) /

adjectivespookier or spookiest informal
  1. ghostly or eerie: a spooky house

  2. resembling or appropriate to a ghost

  1. US easily frightened; highly strung

Derived forms of spooky

  • spookily, adverb
  • spookiness, noun

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