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verb (used with object),wed·ded or wed, wed·ding.
  1. to marry (another person) in a formal ceremony.

  2. to unite (a couple) in marriage or wedlock; marry.

  1. to bind by close or lasting ties; attach firmly: She wedded herself to the cause of economic justice.

  2. to blend together or unite inseparably: a novel that weds style and content perfectly.

verb (used without object),wed·ded or wed, wed·ding.
  1. to contract marriage; marry.

  2. to become united or to blend: a building that will wed with the landscape.

Origin of wed

First recorded before 900; Middle English wedde, Old English weddian “to pledge, marry, get married”; cognate with German wetten “to bet,” Old Norse vethja “to pledge”

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  • in·ter·wed, verb (used without object), in·ter·wed or in·ter·wed·ded, in·ter·wed·ding.
  • re·wed, verb, re·wed·ded, re·wed·ding.
  • un·wed, adjective

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[ weed ]

  1. contraction of we had:Sometimes I wish we'd bought a bigger house.

  2. contraction of we would:Of course we'd be happy to donate to the school's fundraiser.

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  1. Wednesday. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use wed in a sentence

  • But before permitting you to go I wish, not having been able to wed you myself, to betroth you to the one you have chosen.

    Honey-Bee | Anatole France
  • I longed to hear her and to see her always; I would have died in rapture at her side, but I was never fain to wed her.

    Marguerite | Anatole France
  • In this same year of 1816, she hoped in vain to wed a Troisville, but he was already married.

    Repertory Of The Comedie Humaine, Complete, A -- Z | Anatole Cerfberr and Jules Franois Christophe
  • But she said she would wed no man, and told him to search the whole wide world for some one more beautiful.

  • Marius looks elsewhere for a wife—unless mademoiselle of her own free will should elect to wed him—a thing unlikely.

    St. Martin's Summer | Rafael Sabatini

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/ (wɛd) /

verbweds, wedding, wedded or wed
  1. to take (a person of the opposite sex) as a husband or wife; marry

  2. (tr) to join (two people) in matrimony

  1. (tr) to unite closely

Origin of wed

Old English weddian; related to Old Frisian weddia, Old Norse vethja, Gothic wadi pledge

British Dictionary definitions for we'd (2 of 3)


/ (wiːd, unstressed wɪd) /

contraction of
  1. we had or we would

British Dictionary definitions for Wed. (3 of 3)


abbreviation for
  1. Wednesday

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