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[ab-doo-senz, -suh nz, -dyoo-]
noun, plural ab·du·cen·tes [ab-doo-sen-teez, -dyoo-] /ˌæb dʊˈsɛn tiz, -dyʊ-/.
  1. abducens nerve.
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Origin of abducens

< Latin, present participle of abdūcere to abduce
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Historical Examples of abducens

  • Convergent squint as a result of paralysis of the abducens is not very often seen.

    Schweigger on Squint

    C. Schweigger

  • I shortened the abducens (without touching the internus again).

  • Tenotomy of the internal rectus and advancement of the abducens of the right eye at the end of December.

  • Foramina by which the optic, trigeminal and abortio dura, and abducens nerves leave the skull.

  • Both are supplied by the abducens nerve, together with the rectus externus muscle.