[ uh-bree; French a-bree ]
/ əˈbri; French aˈbri /

noun, plural a·bris [uh-breez; French a-bree] /əˈbriz; French aˈbri/.

a shelter, especially a dugout.
Archaeology. a rock shelter formed by the overhang of a cliff and often containing prehistoric occupation deposits.

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Origin of abri

< French, Old French, noun derivative of abrier (now obsolete or dial.) to shelter, shield, screen < Late Latin aprīcāre to warm in the sun (hence, to shield from wind, cold, etc.), verbal derivative of Latin aprīcus sunny, warmed by the sunshine; Old French b for v perhaps < Old Provençal abriar, or by construal of a- as prefix

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British Dictionary definitions for abris


/ (æˈbriː) /


a shelter or place of refuge, esp in wartime

Word Origin for abri

French, from Latin apricum an open place

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