[ uh-biz-uh m ]
/ əˈbɪz əm /


an abyss.


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Origin of abysm

1250–1300; Middle English abi(s)me < Middle French abisme < Vulgar Latin *abyssimus, a neologistic pseudo-superlative of Late Latin abyssus abyss

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/ (əˈbɪzəm) /


an archaic word for abyss

Word Origin for abysm

C13: via Old French from Medieval Latin abysmus abyss

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Word Origin and History for abysm



"bottomless gulf, greatest depths," now chiefly poetic, c.1300, from Old French abisme (Modern French abîme), from Vulgar Latin *abyssimus (source of Spanish and Portuguese abismo), which represents either a superlative of Latin abyssus or a formation on analogy of Greek-derived words in -ismus; see abyss.

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