[ ak-luh-meyt, uh-klahy-mit ]
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verb (used with or without object),ac·cli·mat·ed, ac·cli·mat·ing.
  1. to accustom or become accustomed to a new climate or environment; adapt.

Origin of acclimate

From the French word acclimater, dating back to 1785–95; see ac-, climate

Other words from acclimate

  • ac·cli·mat·a·ble [uh-klahy-mi-tuh-buhl], /əˈklaɪ mɪ tə bəl/, adjective
  • ac·cli·ma·tion [ak-luh-mey-shuhn], /ˌæk ləˈmeɪ ʃən/, noun
  • re·ac·cli·mate, verb, re·ac·cli·mat·ed, re·ac·cli·mat·ing.

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How to use acclimate in a sentence

  • These two localities may be equally good for fruit, with suitable care in acclimating the tree and preparing the soil.

    Soil Culture | J. H. Walden
  • Then they'd developed techniques for acclimating a graft to the host's serum, so it would not react as a foreign body.

  • The first experience here was of severe illness from acclimating fever, from which he was kindly nursed into convalescence.