[ ak-rid ]
/ ˈæk rɪd /


sharp or biting to the taste or smell; bitterly pungent; irritating to the eyes, nose, etc.: acrid smoke from burning rubber.
extremely or sharply stinging or bitter; exceedingly caustic: acrid remarks.

Origin of acrid

1705–15; < Latin ācr- (stem of ācer) sharp, sour + -id4, perhaps through influence of acid

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British Dictionary definitions for acridity


/ (ˈækrɪd) /


unpleasantly pungent or sharp to the smell or taste
sharp or caustic, esp in speech or nature

Derived Forms

acridity (əˈkrɪdɪtɪ) or acridness, nounacridly, adverb

Word Origin for acrid

C18: from Latin ācer sharp, sour; probably formed on the model of acid
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Medicine definitions for acridity


[ ăkrĭd ]


Unpleasantly sharp, pungent, or bitter to the taste or smell.

Related forms

a•cridi•ty (ə-krĭdĭ-tē) null n.
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