/ (ˈɑːdʊˌwɑː) /

  1. a variant spelling of Aduwa

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How to use Adowa in a sentence

  • We were frequently delayed by demands from local chiefs for toll dues, and did not arrive at Adowa till December 6.

  • At Fremona, not far from Adowa, are the ruins of a Jesuit convent, resembling rather a fort than the abode of men of peace.

  • Game is abundant, and elephants were in the neighbourhood, as the hunters from Adowa had been here.

    Sport in Abyssinia | Dermot Mayo
  • I wrote letters to K., and gave them to Goubasee to take to Adowa.

    Sport in Abyssinia | Dermot Mayo
  • It's a great thing to have gone through Adowa, something to be proud of all your life.

    Much Ado About Peter | Jean Webster