adrenal glands

[ (uh-dreen-l) ]

Two small glands, one located near the upper part of each kidney, that function in the endocrine system. Part of each adrenal gland secretes adrenaline; another part secretes other important hormones.

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How to use adrenal glands in a sentence

  • Adrenin is a substance secreted into the blood by the adrenal glands.

    The Analysis of Mind | Bertrand Russell
  • The rapid secretion of the adrenal glands during anger is itself aroused by the nerve running to this gland.

    Psychology | Robert S. Woodworth
  • Again, the kidneys, and especially the adrenal glands, influence the hair.

  • Similar calcium deposits were seen frequently in the adrenal glands, in their cortex, or at the border of the cortex and medulla.

    Scurvy Past and Present | Alfred Fabian Hess
  • The constant stimulation will ultimately turn my overworked adrenal glands into a jelly-like mess of cystic quivering goo.

    The Issahar Artifacts | Jesse Franklin Bone