noun, plural ae·ti·ol·o·gies.

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Related formsae·ti·o·log·ic [ee-tee-uh-loj-ik] /ˌi ti əˈlɒdʒ ɪk/, ae·ti·o·log·i·cal, adjectiveae·ti·o·log·i·cal·ly, adverbae·ti·ol·o·gist, noun


or ae·ti·ol·o·gy


noun, plural e·ti·ol·o·gies.

  1. the study of the causes of diseases.
  2. the cause or origin of a disease.
the study of causation.
any study of causes, causation, or causality, as in philosophy, biology, or physics.

Origin of etiology

1545–55; < Latin aetiologia < Greek aitiología determining the cause of something, equivalent to aití(a) cause + -o- -o- + -logia -logy

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Examples from the Web for aetiology

  • The aetiology of the disease is not yet known, and there are very many theories offered to explain it.

  • Therefore it is perhaps possible to put the temerity of the Dogmatics to shame in aetiology by these Tropes.

  • The study of aetiology of disease is in fact only a particular case of that of aetiology in general.

    Disease in Plants|H. Marshall Ward

British Dictionary definitions for aetiology



noun plural -gies

the philosophy or study of causation
the study of the causes of diseases
the cause of a disease
Derived Formsaetiologist or etiologist, noun

Word Origin for aetiology

C16: from Late Latin aetologia, from Greek aitiologia, from aitia cause


noun plural -gies

a variant spelling of aetiology
Derived Formsetiological (ˌiːtɪəˈlɒdʒɪkəl), adjectiveetiologically, adverbetiologist, noun

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Word Origin and History for aetiology



"science of causes or causation," 1550s, from Late Latin aetiologia, from Greek aitiologia "statement of cause," from aitia "cause" + -logia "a speaking" (see -logy). Related: Etiologic; etiological.

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Medicine definitions for aetiology



The science and study of the causes or origins of disease.
The cause or origin of a disease or disorder as determined by medical diagnosis.

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Science definitions for aetiology



The cause or origin of a disease, condition, or constellation of symptoms or signs, as determined by medical diagnosis or research.
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