[ aft, ahft ]
/ æft, ɑft /
Nautical, Aeronautics


at, close to, or toward the stern or tail: Stow the luggage aft.


situated toward or at the stern or tail: The aft sail was luffing.

Origin of aft

before 950; Middle English afte, Old English æftan from behind, equivalent to æf- opposite + -t- suffix of uncertain value + -an suffix marking motion from; cognate with Old Frisian efta, Old Saxon, Old High German aftan, Gothic aftana, Old Norse aptan, Greek opís(s)ō behind; not akin to Greek apó off

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[ aft, ahft ]
/ æft, ɑft /

adverb Scot.

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Definition for aft (4 of 4)


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/ (ɑːft) /

adverb, adjective

mainly nautical towards or at the stern or rearthe aft deck; aft of the engines

Word Origin for aft

C17: perhaps a shortened form of earlier abaft
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