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  1. a linen vestment with narrow sleeves, worn chiefly by priests, now invariably white in the Western Church but can be in a color in the Eastern Church.

Origin of alb

before 1100; Middle English albe, (h)aube (< MF), Old English albe<Latin alba (vestis) white (garment); compare Dutch albe,Old High German alba (German Albe)

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  1. (in prescriptions) white.

Origin of alb.

From the Latin word albus

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  1. Albania.

  2. Albanian.

  1. Albany.

  2. Alberta. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

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  • He had been buried in the vestments peculiar to his office, viz., the alb and tunic.

  • He wore, I think, a chasuble, the day when first we met; A stole and snowy alb likewise: I recollect it yet.

  • So I could see the priest in cassock, alb and stole as he would stand before some makeshift altar lit with candles.

    The Master of Appleby | Francis Lynde
  • It results from removing the chasuble and expanding the alb.

    Rites and Ritual | Philip Freeman
  • And the deacons came in and began to unrobe him, and took from him the alb and the girdle, the maniple and the stole.

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/ (ælb) /

  1. Christianity a long white linen vestment with sleeves worn by priests and others

Origin of alb

Old English albe, from Medieval Latin alba (vestis) white (clothing)

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abbreviation for
  1. Albania(n)

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