[ uh-meel-yuh-rey-tiv, -mee-lee-uh- ]
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  1. making or intended to make something better, more bearable, or more satisfactory: Our objective is to make ameliorative changes that protect children more effectively and build a safer future for families.

Origin of ameliorative

  • Rarely a·mel·io·ra·to·ry [uh-meel-yer-uh-tawr-ee, uh-mee-lee-uh-] /əˈmil yər əˌtɔr i, əˈmi li ə rə-/ .

Other words from ameliorative

  • un·a·mel·io·ra·tive, adjective

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How to use ameliorative in a sentence

  • No ameliorative, no palliative, no restrictive, no remedial measure will avail.

  • We may hazard a guess that most of the programme of ameliorative measures was the work of Engels, and perhaps the final section.

    Socialism | John Spargo
  • It is emotional, altruistic, at best ameliorative, aiming to meet the individual situation as it arises and presents itself.

    The Pivot of Civilization | Margaret Sanger
  • He talked in a straightforward way with his villagers, reduced a number of rents and spent money freely in ameliorative work.

    The Foundations of Japan | J.W. Robertson Scott
  • There is among them a fine lite which responds to the appeal of the ideal and is found in every kind of ameliorative work.

    The Old World in the New | Edward Alsworth Ross