[ a-mee; English a-mee, ah-mee ]
/ aˈmi; English æˈmi, ɑˈmi /

noun, plural a·mies [a-mee; English a-meez, ah-meez] /aˈmi; English æˈmiz, ɑˈmiz/. French.

a female friend.
a girlfriend or female lover.

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[ ey-mee ]
/ ˈeɪ mi /

noun, plural a·mies. Slang.

a vial of amyl nitrate.

Origin of amy

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Examples from the Web for amies

  • Wealthy brokers built Roman homes, not forgetting the fish ponds, for their amies.

    Talleyrand|Joseph McCabe

British Dictionary definitions for amies


/ French (ami) /


a female friend
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Word Origin and History for amies


fem. proper name, from Old French Amee, literally "beloved," from fem. past participle of amer "to love," from Latin amare, perhaps from PIE *am-a-, suffixed form of root *am-, a Latin and Celtic root forming various nursery words for "mother, aunt," etc. (cf. Latin amita "aunt").

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