[ am-nuh-stee ]
/ 藞忙m n蓹 sti /
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noun, plural am路nes路ties.
a general pardon for offenses, especially political offenses, against a government, often granted before any trial or conviction.
Law. an act of forgiveness for past offenses, especially to a class of persons as a whole.
a forgetting or overlooking of any past offense.
verb (used with object), am路nes路tied, am路nes路ty路ing.
to grant amnesty to; pardon.
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Origin of amnesty

First recorded in 1570鈥80; from Middle French amnestie, or directly from Latin amn膿stia, from Greek amn膿st铆a 鈥渙blivion,鈥 equivalent to 谩mn膿st(os) 鈥渇orgetting鈥 (from a- negative prefix + mn膿s- 鈥渞emember鈥 + -tos verbal adjective suffix) + -ia noun suffix; see a-6, -y3

synonym study for amnesty

1. See pardon.
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How to use amnesty in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for amnesty

/ (藞忙mn瑟st瑟) /

noun plural -ties
a general pardon, esp for offences against a government
a period during which a law is suspended to allow offenders to admit their crime without fear of prosecution
law a pardon granted by the Crown or Executive and effected by statute
verb -ties, -tying or -tied
(tr) to overlook or forget (an offence)

Word Origin for amnesty

C16: from Latin amn膿stia, from Greek: oblivion, from amn膿stos forgetting, from a- 1 + -mn膿stos, from mnasthai to remember
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