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[ahm-fee-thee-rah; English am-fith-er-uh]
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noun, plural am·phi·thy·ra.
  1. Also amphithyron, am·phi·thu·ra [am-fuh-thoo r-uh] /ˌæm fəˈθʊər ə/, amphithuron. Greek Orthodox Church. a divided curtain in front of the door of the iconostasis.
  2. plural of amphithyron.
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Origin of amphithyra

< Late Greek, equivalent to amphi- amphi- + thýra door


[ahm-fee-thee-rawn; English am-fith-uh-ron]
noun, plural am·phi·thy·ra [ahm-fee-thee-rah; English am-fith-er-uh] /ɑmˈfi θi rɑ; English æmˈfɪθ ər ə/, am·phi·thy·rons.
  1. amphithyra(def 1).
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