[ uh-nat-uh-mahyz ]
/ əˈnæt əˌmaɪz /

verb (used with object), a·nat·o·mized, a·nat·o·miz·ing.

to cut apart (an animal or plant) to show or examine the position, structure, and relation of the parts; display the anatomy of; dissect.
to examine in great detail; analyze minutely: The couple anatomized their new neighbor.
Also especially British, a·nat·o·mise.

Origin of anatomize

1400–50; late Middle English < Middle French anatomiser or < Medieval Latin anatomizāre. See anatomy, -ize

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/ (əˈnætəˌmaɪz) /

verb (tr)

to dissect (an animal or plant)
to examine in minute detail

Derived forms of anatomize

anatomization or anatomisation, nounanatomizer or anatomiser, noun
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Medical definitions for anatomise

[ ə-nătə-mīz′ ]


To dissect an animal or other organism to study the structure and relation of the parts.
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