[ an-doo-ee, ahn-dwee; French ahn-doo-yuh ]

  1. a spicy, smoked pork sausage, with garlic and Cajun seasonings.

  2. a spicy, black-skinned chitterlings sausage.

Origin of andouille

First recorded in 1600–05; from French, from Old French andoille, from Vulgar Latin inductilia (unattested) “stuffed (things, foods),” from inductilis (unattested) “made by insertion, stuffed,” from Latin inductus, past participle of indūcere “to lead in, draw in”; see induct

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How to use andouille in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for andouille


/ French (ɑ̃duj) /

  1. a spicy smoked pork sausage with a blackish skin

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