[ ăn′tē-kyōōbĭ-tl ]
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In front of the elbow.
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What does antecubital mean?

Antecubital means located near the crook of the elbow.

Antecubital is a technical term used in anatomy. The antecubital area (or antecubital fossa) is the small triangular depression in the middle of the arm—it can be thought of as the pit of the elbow.

Example: The patient may experience some slight discomfort in the antecubital area after blood is drawn.

Where does antecubital come from?

Antecubital is an anatomical term that dates back at least to the 1850s. Cubital means “related to or situated near the cubitus,” which is an anatomical term for the forearm. The prefix ante- means “before” or “in front of.”

If anatomists were any fun, they’d call the antecubital area the elbow pit. In technical anatomical terms, antecubital refers to the area anterior to the elbow—meaning the opposite side. In the human body, the antecubital area is where the humerus (upper arm bone) connects to the radius and ulna bones of the forearm. Because the veins located in this area are close to the surface of the skin, they are commonly used for drawing blood from and for inserting an IV into. The antecubital area is also commonly the site where blood pressure is measured.

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Antecubital is an anatomical term used by doctors and nurses.



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Antecubital refers to the pointy side of the elbow.

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