[ en-ee-thing ]
/ ˈɛn iˌθɪŋ /


any thing whatever; something, no matter what: Do you have anything for a toothache?


a thing of any kind.


in any degree; to any extent; in any way; at all: Does it taste anything like chocolate?


    anything but, in no degree or respect; not in the least: The plans were anything but definite.
    anything goes, any type of conduct, dress, speech, etc., is considered acceptable or valid or is likely to be encountered and tolerated: That resort is a place where anything goes!

Origin of anything

before 900; Middle English ani thing, eni thing, Old English ǣnig thing. See any, thing1 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for anything but


/ (ˈɛnɪˌθɪŋ) /


any object, event, action, etc, whateveranything might happen


a thing of any kindhave you anything to declare?


in any wayhe wasn't anything like his father
anything but by no means; not in the leastshe was anything but happy
like anything (intensifier; usually euphemistic)he ran like anything
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Idioms and Phrases with anything but (1 of 2)

anything but

By no means, not at all, as in He is anything but ambitious for a promotion. William Wordsworth in his long poem, The Prelude (1805–1806), wrote: “Grief call it not, 'twas anything but that.”

Idioms and Phrases with anything but (2 of 2)


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