[ ah-paw ]

  1. an active volcano in the S Philippines, on S Mindanao: highest peak in the Philippines. 9,690 feet (2,954 meters).

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  1. a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Greek, where it was joined to verbs, deverbal forms, and other parts of speech. Among its functions in Greek, apo- has the spatial sense “away, off, apart” (apogee; apocope; apostasy; apostrophe); it occurs with deverbals that denote a response or defense (apodosis; apology) and is found on verbs having perfective force relative to a corresponding simple verb (apoplexy; aposiopesis). In modern scientific coinages in English and other languages, apo- marks things that are detached, separate, or derivative (apocarpous; apoenzyme).

Origin of apo-

From Greek, prefixal use of apó; akin to off, Sanskrit ápa, Latin ab
  • Also especially before a vowel, ap-.

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  1. Army & Air Force Post Office.

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How to use Apo in a sentence

  • In short, I turn'd him away apon't, for he is no servant for me that's taken in a false Oath.

  • Aer may be explained, oti airei ta Apo tes ges; or, oti aei rei; or, oti pneuma ex autou ginetai (compare the poetic word aetai).

    Cratylus | Plato
  • Pallas is derived from armed dances—Apo tou pallein ta opla.

    Cratylus | Plato
  • Ar' oun ameinon an tis heterthen Apo tn megistn te kai koilotatn organn hyparxaito ts ztses?

  • The shadows which lurked upon Mount Apo descended over the lower slopes, then enfolded the Gulf.

    Terry | Charles Goff Thomson

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/ (ˈɑːpəʊ) /

  1. the highest mountain in the Philippines, on SE Mindanao: active volcano with three peaks. Height: 2954 m (9690 ft)

British Dictionary definitions for apo- (2 of 2)


  1. away from; off: apogee

  2. indicating separation of: apocarpous

  1. indicating a lack or absence of: apogamy

  2. indicating derivation from or relationship to: apomorphine

Origin of apo-

from Greek apo away, off

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