1. incontestable because of having been demonstrated or proved to be demonstrable.
  2. Logic. (of a proposition) necessarily true or logically certain.
Also ap·o·deic·tic [ap-uh-dahyk-tik] /ˌæp əˈdaɪk tɪk/, ap·o·dic·ti·cal.

Origin of apodictic

1645–55; < Latin apodīcticus < Greek apodeiktikós proving fully. See apo-, deictic
Related formsap·o·dic·ti·cal·ly, ap·o·deic·ti·cal·ly, adverb
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apodictic (ˌæpəˈdɪktɪk)

  1. unquestionably true by virtue of demonstration
  2. logic archaic
    1. necessarily true
    2. asserting that a property holds necessarily
Derived Formsapodeictically or apodictically, adverb

Word Origin for apodeictic

C17: from Latin apodīcticus, from Greek apodeiktikos clearly demonstrating, from apodeiknunai to demonstrate
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Word Origin and History for apodeictic



"clearly demonstrated," 1650s, from Latin apodicticus, from Greek apodeiktikos, from apodeiktos, verbal adjective of apodeiknynai "to show off, demonstrate," literally "to point away from" (other objects, at one), from apo "off, away" (see apo-) + deiknynai "to show" (see diction).

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