[ ey-pruhl ]
/ ˈeɪ prəl /
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the fourth month of the year, containing 30 days. Abbreviation: Apr.
a female given name.
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Origin of April

First recorded before 1150; Middle English, from Latin Aprīlis (adjective, as modifying mēnsis “month”), probably based on Etruscan apru “Aphrodite,” from Greek Aphrodítē; replacing Middle English Averil (from Old French avril, from Latin ), in its turn replacing late Old English aprilis (from Latin )
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What is April?

April is the fourth month of the year in the Gregorian calendar. It has 30 days and is between March and May.

April is the middle month of spring for the Northern Hemisphere and autumn for the Southern Hemisphere. In the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature generally rises throughout the month, while in the Southern Hemisphere, it generally lowers.

Much like May, June, and August, April is often used as a given name. It is typically a given name for women.

Example: I always donate a lot of my clothes in April as a part of spring cleaning.

Where does April come from?

The first records of the term April come from before 1150. It comes from the classical Latin Aprīlis and may come from the Etruscan apru, meaning “Aphrodite,” the Greek goddess of love and beauty.

If April is named after Aphrodite, it is one of only a few months to be named after a Greek god. Many more months were named after Roman gods. Aphrodite is often symbolized by roses, doves, and sparrows, all of which would be visible and vibrant during April in the Northern Hemisphere.

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  • Apr. (abbreviation)

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How is April used in real life?

Because April is a month in the Gregorian calendar, it is commonly used in both speech and writing.


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April comes in the autumn in the Northern Hemisphere.

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British Dictionary definitions for April

/ (ˈeɪprəl) /

the fourth month of the year, consisting of 30 days

Word Origin for April

C14: from Latin Aprīlis, probably of Etruscan origin
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