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[ar-uh-wahk, -wak]
noun, plural Ar·a·waks, (especially collectively) Ar·a·wak.
  1. a member of an Indian people once widespread in the Antilles but now confined to northeastern South America.
  2. the language of the Arawaks.
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Historical Examples of arawak

  • I have stated that I am doubtful as to whether totemism exists in Arawak.


    Elliott O'Donnell

  • An Arawak term for house, referring specifically to a dwelling with an open shed attached.

  • If the Arawak was impatient of control, the Carib was even more independent.

  • No longer was it the gentle Arawak whom they encountered, but the ferocious cannibal.

  • His women had provision grounds like those of the Arawak, possibly because they came from that stock.