1. a combining form meaning “silver,” used in the formation of compound words: argento-cuprous sulfide.

Origin of argento-

<Latin argent(um) + -o-
  • Also argenti-; especially before a vowel, argent-.

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How to use argento- in a sentence

  • Alii amphoras, quas vini plenas extulerunt, eas argento repletas domum reportarunt.

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • Neque proposito argento neque tabulis et signis propalam collocatis; that is, to everybodys admiration: compare with Pis.

  • But it is very little used in perfumery, if we except its combination in Aqua di Argento.

    The Art of Perfumery | G. W. Septimus Piesse
  • Et habet medietatem de farinarium, inde solvit de argento solidos II.'

    Medieval People | Eileen Edna Power
  • Item, fabella, seu orata una argenti facta ad modum unius maze cum manica ligni ligata in argento.

    History of the Fan | George Woolliscroft Rhead