ars est celare artem

[ ahrs est ke-lah-re ahr-tem; English ahrz est suh-ley-ree ahr-tuh m, -lair-ee, ahrs ]
/ ɑrs ɛst kɛˈlɑ rɛ ˈɑr tɛm; English ɑrz ɛst səˈleɪ ri ˈɑr təm, -ˈlɛər i, ɑrs /


it is art to conceal art; true art conceals the means by which it is achieved.

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Examples from the Web for artem

  • The claim is “absurd,” prominent music critic Artem Troitsky tells the Daily Beast.

  • In return for this nursing, and for his rescue from need and misery, Artem protects the despised and persecuted Kain.

    Maxim Gorki|Hans Ostwald