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(ăs′klə-pīə-dēz′)fl. first century bc
  1. Greek physician born in Bithynia who theorized that disease is caused by an inharmonious flow of the corpuscles of the body. His methods for restoring harmony in the body included diet, exercise, and bathing. Asclepiades also advocated humane treatment of the mentally ill.
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Historical Examples

  • Strabo mentions also a grammarian, Asclepiades of Myrleia, in b. iii.

    The Geography of Strabo, Volume II (of 3)


  • The physician Asclepiades had a ring with Urania represented upon it.

    Finger-Ring Lore

    William Jones

  • Is it, then, these facts only which are plainly irreconcilable with the views of Asclepiades?

  • Next he turned to Asclepiades, and asked, "What is thy name?"

  • Asclepiades the physician, that it is the concurrent exercitation of the senses.